February 13, 2001
2001: Conference: “Perspectives and guarantees of Euro-Arab investments”
This conference was held in Beirut under the auspices of the president of the Lebanese Republic General Emil Lahoud. The axes of the conference has stressed on the following: - The guarantee of the Arabic – European investments - The horizons of the Arabic-European project investments - The investment and the role of monetary and banking organizations - The investments horizons and obstacles in the energy field - The projects of attracting Arabian and European capitals - Towards investments horizons - The investment and the role of Arabic-European masses. The recommendations of the conference have seen that the essential motive that encourages the investment is in having political and secure stabilized conditions, as well as that encouraging the investment in the Arabic and European world must form laws and decrees protecting the national and foreign investments and to respect the private property and to insure guarantees for national and foreign investors. The recommendations praised the role of banks in the field of investments and called to invest in the agriculture field, they also called the Europeans to invest in the Arabic world where there are chances and guarantees.