February 12, 2008
2000 Forum “The Arabic and Islamic World and the Human Rights”
The title of the forum organized by the CEEA at Geneva on 28/9/2000 The axes of the forum have stressed on the following: - The Arabic world and the Human rights - The Islamic world and the Human rights - The Media and the Human Rights Followed by general debates The recommendations at the end of the forum talked about the universality of Human Rights which doesn`t mean the similarity because there is a principal right to choose our identity and that the Islamic Arabian identity does not oppose this universality. Furthermore, the Islamic Arabic world which is attached to the Human Rights principles as they are known worldwide and in the International Law does not lose his right to give the suitable form to practice these rights. The recommendations have seen finally that the misunderstanding of some organizations and institutions for the Islam religion could be turned if not stopped to a political, social, economical or even ideological opposite investment, this is not beneficial for the development of the Human Rights in these Nations.