March 24, 2009
The Arabic Conciliation
The Euro - Arab Center for Studies in his Electronic Campus brings up from 15 to 22/3/2009 a debate about “how the initiative of the King Abdullah Bin Abdel Aziz for the Arabic reconciliation will be realized and how important it is?!” via the Weekly Synthesis window; a large number of Arab and Foreign personalities have participated in this debate. The following are the most prominent views of the participants:
D. Kamel Abu Jaber / former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Jordan
There is no doubt that it is reflected on the Palestinian situation in the first instance, and of course on other issues that concern the Arab and Islamic nation. The initiative of King Abdullah is a step towards the right direction.
Jean Cord / writer living in Germany
There is no doubt that Saudi Arabia as a result of her political, economic and financial stability system has the ability to play a major role in controlling and organizing Arab conflicts, but I ask His Majesty to put the interests of Arab peoples to the interests of the Arab regimes.
D. Osama Naisse / Syria:
Reconciliation is likely a trick to gain time to prepare for another round. Many Arab countries didn`t care about their people opinions; and the war of Gaza revealed many mistakes and the link of these countries with the American Maestro
Wadad Fakher / chief editor of Al-Sumaria newspaper - Vienna
Initiative is always done by the ruler, because the people were bound, and forbidden to enter most of the Arab countries. Any initiative will succeed in the Arabic reconciliation, if the base is not satisfied or absent for any upper decision royal or republican.
Abdul-Aziz Khater / Qatari writer
King Abdullah`s initiative is no more than emotional charge that has been helping brotherly Arab sense, which soon burns out when the charge is over; we have here in the Gulf and Al-Jazeera a term: “It is done my Lord”: When you are asked by the King or Prince, or the leader of the tribe to do something so you do at the same moment but it doesn`t mean that it will continue
Abdel-Wahab Al-Nuaimi / Journalist from Iraq
The Arab reconciliation could be achieved in respecting the sovereignty of Arab countries through good neighborliness and non-interference in internal affairs of each other and the establishment of Arab Unions and by adopting an Arabic media speech.
Noel Issa / Iraqi writer
I do not think that any Arab initiative will lead to any good in the Arabic reconciliation if we don`t reform ourselves before calling someone to repair the defect in our soul
Ashraf Al kheribi / Egyptian novelist
The Saudi initiative is an initiative that is worthy of the Arab street welcoming, but not important to be welcomed by the Arab street, the most important in my opinion is to be convinced by the Arab rulers.
Sabah Al-Baghdadi / Iraqi journalist and independent researcher
I do not think that the desired Arab reconciliation will be achieved will be it will only be a media demonstration to take pictures and exchange greetings and kisses, but there is evil and hatred in the soul of each party and we don`t know the main reason for this difference between the Arab leaders.
Ghalib Nawasirah / a Jordanian employee in the Kuwait oil company
. That Arabic reconciliation is impossible and the Palestinian one is too, because we have hit a record in declining after the great victory achieved by our people in Gaza in his steadfastness and glory.
Mohamed Abdel Kader Azzouz / Libyan poet
The Arab leaders won`t reconcile because the logic or culture that gathered them is the culture of traders. They are looking to their home countries as if they owned them for this reason you can find jealousy and envy among them permanently.
Abeer Abd Al-Latif Al-Najjar
Diplomatic hypocrisy is the reason for not realizing this initiative, but if we have faced our reality by the true image and join hands rectified our mistakes instead of giving excuses for not being rejected by some country then we will be victorious and the initiative will be realized.
Ahmed Osman
The fact that the Arab Initiative comes from an important Arabic side like the Saudi Arabia, it is genuine and there`s a good intent to it, why something like that didn`t happen a long time ago? And why not now?
D. Mustafa Mouwafak
The initiative of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques wasn`t but a follow-up to the victory, the realization of the right and the elimination of injustice. The one who want to understand so be it and the one who wants to be acting like a fool so be it.
Mohamed Al Lagaphi / Moroccan poet
The initiative will remain as it is, in my opinion it must be accompanied by people voice and media.
D. AlSayed Abu al-Kheir / expert in international law - Egypt
We hope that reconciliation is not for political purposes, that take its time and then ends forever, and I think that some regimes are seeking in all their political or economic power to hinder not only the reconciliation, but also the federation and integration.
Mohammad Saleem syrup / students in the Faculty of Science / Aqsa University in Gaza
I hope that the initiative of King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz for Arab reconciliation, will serve Arab interests so that there is an understanding and a clear path between the Arab peoples.
Samer Abu Elrab
I think that the current reconciliation between the Arab worlds is only an external appearance that doesn`t hold within a real peace or the agreement on a word agreed by Arab countries, because everyone of them is calling in a different agenda than the other
Abdul Malik Abdullah Maori / Yemeni writer
We highly appreciate the leadership of Saudi Arabia, Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, who actually moves forward to unify Arab, ranks in the circumstances facing the Arab world, and with troubles and conflicts that threaten everyone.
Salam Fadil / Iraqi writer living in the Netherlands:
The Saudi initiative, and the speech of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia was like a surprise and shock for many and was an addition to Doha summit, and the European Union summit in Sharm el-Sheikh.
Falah Al Alusi / international coach in the area of conflict management and peace
The Saudi Arabia cannot be adopted "as a neutral mediator" and accept their efforts by the various parties, and even if accepted in whole or in part, by different or some of them, it is in the context of accepting the truce,
Mohammed Zuhair Al-Khatib / Syrian researcher, residing in Canada:
Arab reconciliation is no longer in isolation from the global conflicts of the limbs, which Israel and America, Iran and Europe.
Ghazwan Isawi / Iraqi poet
The Saudi initiative is a turning point for the Arab world "to discard differences and take the initiative and take the charge."
Muhammad Ali Mokaled / professor at the Lebanese University
All this cannot be achieved unless through a confrontation with the "moderate" Arab States. Without reducing the value of the initiative launched by the Saudi King at the Summit of Kuwait, we believe that "changing salutation" is not sufficient to reconcile.
Masood Eko / Syrian writer
The Arab nation will not agree as long as there is substantial difference on issues of fate like the Palestinian affair.
Medhat Kilada / consultant in computer networks - Egyptian resident in Zurich
A world living on slogans. That`s the Arab world, Arab reconciliation Arabism brothers, all are slogans.
Abdel-Hafiz bin Jlouli / Algerian poet
The required way for the realization of the initiative is from technical matters that must be taken into account and deal with them on the basis of the Arab situation in the crisis of disintegration due to the structure and the different routes on the core issues that are the touchstone of his presence
Saad al-Amidi / chief editor of news site Iraqna
We still think of the initiatives which are closer to a labyrinth than a solution, and are leading us towards the unknown, the solution is clear and unblemished, we won in Lebanon and in Gaza, and in order to fully win let the people say their words.
Mehdi Hassani /Iraqi translator, and writer resident in Sweden
The initiative State must keep the movement and activity and to play an effective role to be activated and not to despair because of a statement here or there. D / Osama Osman / The initiative of King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz to achieve Arab reconciliation is a bold progress moving beyond the traditional rhetoric, and tried to interface with the Arab situation.
Raad Al-Hafiz / Cultural Committee official at the Iraqi club in the city of Pores - Sweden:
Temporary reconciliations stay for one or two months and the same leaders return to the same conflicts that`s what make their people stay behind them without thinking
D. Abdullah Azzam Al Jerrah /Jordanian academic
An initiative worthy to talk about and for the role played by the Saudi Arabia, and by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, to stop the significant deterioration at the level Arabic and international relations.
Najmuddin Ahmed Zafer / Saudi writer
If we do not examine the results of what has been done since the Madrid, Oslo, Annapolis, and Sharm El-Sheikh meetings, to start as if nothing had happened, the reconciliation will not be done and the ultimate goal won`t be realized
Khoder Hassani / retired Yemeni General
The Arab initiative that the King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz has offered for the Arab reconciliation, have been responsive to the aspirations of every Arabian, to see all the problems of the Arab countries solved.
Adel El Amine / Sudanese writer
The Saudi Arabia initiative is accepted but need to establish a Palestinian state and a unified Palestinian vision at this stage and to transfer the dialogue and difference to the constitutional institutions of Palestinian first.
Alaa Nayef Jabarin / Al Khalil - Palestine
The Saudi initiative came as a part of a plan to blockade Iran and this of course requires blocking its influence in the region which is represented by Syria, Hezbollah and Hamas,
Said Alam Al-Din / Lebanese writer resident in Germany
The main objective of the initiative of the Arab reconciliation initiated by Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, under the request of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is so that Syria gets back to the Arab line to play a role as in the past in the days of Hafez al-Assad.
D. Altayeb beiti / a Moroccan researcher in Anthropology - Paris
Biggest obstacle to the possibility of the success of this initiative lies in the absence of unified political vision, and the absence of the project, and thus the absence of solutions and these divisions is a warning and a red light of the utter failure of the attempt.
Nawzad Jaadan/ Syrian poet
I think that reconciliation is carried out through the melting of the self, the thinking is in the group, and forgets the past differences, whatever the intensity was.
Mohamed Alsdoki / Moroccan writer
We Must stand at the meaning of this reconciliation, and the nature of its objectives, and the availability of the substantive terms
Joseph Challal / Iraqi political analyst resident in Germany
The initiative of King Abdullah about the recent reconciliation between some Arab States and regimes is the right step in the general trend. And we already are with it because it will lead to genuine reconciliation and not to interfere again in the internal affairs
Ayman Mohedin / a Syrian poet living in Saudi Arabia
What you need is a moment of reconciliation with oneself and explicit review of the past according to this perspective.
Muhannad Salahat / a Jordanian Journalist
The achievement of an Arab reconciliation has been a dream not able to be achieved as long as several Arab countries falling within the major global alliances conflicting,
Mohamed Ahmed Shaban / retired employee - Jerash Governorate
The Address by His Majesty the King of Saudi Arabia, the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques at the Kuwait Summit was very comfortable for all who heard it when speaking about the dispute beyond the stage of opening the door of Arab brotherhood and unity,
Najah Ali /
Iraqi press The Saudi Arabia`s initiative came in the shade of the Arab fragmentation in the political situation, the events of Gaza and the weakness of the Arab political and diplomatic decisions and the lack of an effective process
George Jabbour / Adviser to the President Hafez al-Assad
The Saudi initiative for Arab reconciliation summit in Kuwait is very important
Mouhib Awad / Palestinian Legislative Council member
The call by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques at the economic summit of Kuwait, which calls for pan-Arab reconciliation and subsequent to a bilateral or trilateral meetings (formal) at the summit, was an attempt to reduce the pace of the enticements and controversies that accompanied the Arab reactions - both official and popular - to the Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip.
The opinion of the Euro-Arab Center for Studies
The reconciliation that took place between some Arab states and specifically between Saudi Arabia and Syria is considered an important turning point because it put an end to the fragmentation of Arabs that Israel is benefiting of and works by her multi means to make it worse. The reconciliation gives the Arabs States the opportunity needed to think how to formulate a strategy to be able to meet the challenges targeting Sudan, Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon or Somalia, not to mention the economic challenges arising from the global financial crisis.
It is never required that the Arab vision reach the point of interface, but it is required that differences in opinions won`t turn out to a conflict.
It would be better if the reconciliation included countries such as Egypt and Qatar, so its effects will be stronger and would be more permanent.
Reconciliation is not just a handshake between the leaders or a party to take photos, but the true reconciliation is based on the accounting of each party to clarify frankly its position from the reasons of antagonism and hostility, and at the same time listen to the opinion of each other with all respect and value and that everyone will work together to find a space to widen the dialogue to include all views and perspectives.
It is also required to activate the role of the League of Arab States in order to play a more active role in the differences between the Arabs and to organize a mechanism which will be able to intervene in any dispute and put an end to it since the beginning and not waiting for its aggravation.
It is also required that the Arab countries learn how to reconcile without the intervention of any State in the internal affairs of the others; and to not make their media broadcast defamation and malicious programs that do not only increase the fragmentation of formal systems, but also prevent the interaction of citizens groups and social strata.