March 30, 2009
Bachir`s Trial
Bachir`s Trial The Euro - Arab Center for Studies in his Electronic Campus brings up from 22 to 29/3/2009 a debate about “El Bachir`s Trial?!” via the Weekly Synthesis window; a large number of Arab and Foreign personalities have participated in this debate. The following are the most prominent views of the participants:
Alaa Abadi professor / Jordan We are from a long time in our way to the abyss, enough sense of inferiority; we must cooperate with the International Court. Nada Qassas / Egyptian journalist The plot is not intended for the person of President al-Bashir. But to the entire Arab world and the Arab media have responded to the uproar in the drift covering the crime of Israel in Gaza. Nashwan Samiri / media consultant and trainer - Yemen It is obvious that the arrest warrant of the Sudanese President is with political and selective intentions, as well as from the legal basis it is false according to experts in law, what about the conscience of your international Court , Mr. Luis Ocampo?. Asmahan Cherih / researcher and director of publishing house (Syria) No one is against the law or Justice but the standards of Justice muct be applied for all. Abdel-Shafi Siyam / Adviser for African Affairs – Mauritania The note by the international criminal court against Al Bashir does not fall mainly under the legal or humanitarian issues and is not affiliated with the concept of right and justice, it is a political issue. Dr. Abdullah Rawi / Professor - France The real purpose of the arrest warrant not to arrest Al Bachir or the Sudanese regime, but the fragmentation of Sudan Aziz Bakush / Moroccan teacher The arrest warrant of Al Bashir does not differ from the previous ones, such as the execution of Saddam and the claim to get bin Laden and considering Hezbollah as terrorist Abutaleb Albouhip – May Moudalal Journalist - human rights activist (Norway) The note is certainly not aimed at al-Bashir for certain crimes, but to make from the heads of the Arabs regime a toy in the hand of the west. Akram Alzero Tamimi / journalist – Al watan Media Canada The great disaster is to the volatility of parallel justice and the innocent became convicted, the offender free and the ferocious eagle stab his claws in the peace pigeon and justice on Earth. Ibtihal Blaybel / Iraqi media There is no apparent or obvious reason to push this Court to exercise its discretion for this stage in determining the admissibility of the case against Omar al-Bashir Seri Kidwa / chief editor of Al-Sabah Journal - Palestine The Arab action is required to urge the Tribunal to cancel the arrest warrant Mohammed Shraim / Palestinian students The arrest of Al-Bashir, is a sign to seize the wealth of the Sudan. Ibrahim Arab / Voice of Beirut and Lebanon the one With the achievement of international justice, without any discretion, or politicization and before the trial of Sudanese President, they should arrest first all the wars criminals Ishraqah Abdul Rahim / mentor - Saudi Arabia Unfair decision has political objectives that works on changing the peace process in Sudan Nabil Aoude / Journalist (Israel) I wasn`t surprise by the International Criminal Court`s decision on al-Bashir. And being an Arab does not say anything about my essential position on the subject of the trial of all war criminals, Ziad Abou Chawich / Palestinian writer living in Damascus This arrest, and regardless of the justice or injustice of President al-Bashir, cannot serve the interests of Sudan Abdul-Jabbar Hamdi /Editor of the Journal Iraq`s future Things will be more clear if they presented evidence against him if there is, and the right to defend all the charges and clearing the prosecutor parties is the best way. Mahmoud Saleh / writer (Tunisia) If I were a Sudanese citizen I shall be the first one to raise the banner declaring my reject to send Bashir to trial Abdel Karim Hani / former Iraqi Minister The decision of the International Criminal Court is a new war waged by the US-EU assembly against the Arabs Florence Ghazlan / writer Syria (France) When the people of Darfur were considered for the Arab leaders as human? Nasser Kandil / Former Lebanese deputy The Court is a sequel to Gaza war as president Bashir is accused of being the main source of smuggling arms to the resistance Hussein Ali Ahmed / Officer - Iraq The rejection of the arrest warrant in the argument that he is an Arab leader is a ridiculous insult to the souls of the victims that this guilty man killed Aboul Hassan Sallam Professor of Theater, University of Alexandria Why the Arab leaders know only to make enemies?! D. Mundhir Fadel / Lecturer at the Institute of Sealy of the American Syndicate Association A direct and open accusation to a Head of an Arab State is a proof that the totalitarian regimes of dictatorship began eroding by the power of the law Yusuf Safi / former bank manager - Jordan Bashir`s arrest warrant is a serious indicator against him and against who is investigating the truth of the Arab and Muslims leaders. Mahmoud Asfour / Palestine This court has been unable so far to get out with just one condemnation against the Israeli occupier Haifa Fouiti - power engineer - Syria Is not a surprise that al-Bashir arrest warrant is issued and the scheme of the Middle East declared itself more clearly every day Mowaffaq Refa`ee / Deputy Editor (The Manara Journal) Iraq While Bashir is subject to the will of international law, all excuses will be lost to impose the will of force on the Sudanese people Idris Allwagesh - teacher - Morocco The trial of Sudanese President Al-Bashir, comes in the context of a regional and global situation fragile and vulnerable to both economic and political levels Khalid Alboside / technical (Algeria) This storm is just hatred and racism and clear against Islam and Muslims in particular. Shirwan Mahmoud Mohamed / Swedish language teacher What is undisputed is that terrible crimes have been committed in Darfur, and therefore responsibility must be determined Adnan al-Assar / Officer - Palestine I think the decision of the court is unjust and unfair for several reasons, namely that al-Bashir is less dangerous than George W. Bush and both Olmert and Barak Yasser Haroun / Computer Technician - Syria I urge people to trial him and not to be trialed by a foreign Constitution we all know for who it works. Mahmoud Abbas / the Library – Oman However, the arrest of al-Bashir rejected a pro and the entire partner is to uphold the arrest and their collateral Awni Haddadin, Chief Editor of Al hawadeth magazine in the U.S. Bashir, is a dictator and a repressive, he looted the power from the elected government two decades ago, and put his oppositions in prison Bassam Olayyan / university professor – Jordan The decision of the International Criminal Court to issue an arrest warrant for Sudan`s president is a dangerous precedent in international relations system. Elie Suede / Employee - Syria If al-Bashir was as the USA wants him he would be from the brave fighters protected by the US Mohammed Taqi Al-Baharna / Bahraini businessman Urgency in a ruling of the International Tribunal in the present political circumstances allowed to intervene in the internal affairs of an independent country Falih Taweel - a former Jordanian ambassador The International Criminal Court didn`t see the violations of the United States in Afghanistan and Iraq nor what Israel did in Gaza. President Omar Bachir has faced rebellion in his country how would he act? The arrest warrant is a public attack on Sudan and on the dignity of men. Abdel-Aziz al-Wadi - Officer / Queen Alia International Airport Because of the decision of the Court, one has become feeling in this world like he is living in a forest and this generates a sense of hatred and violence Nour Akel / professor Yemeni resident in Ireland Bashir is a war criminal, a prominent minority planned genocide Rima Kassem / Jordan This memo is addressed to all Arabs. Farid Ba3iyad / Yemen We consider the Criminal Court a Western one and not international Mohanad Ali / resident in Denmark The pursuit of Al Bachir by the international tribunal in the Hague is a good act Jamal Hashemi / poet, writer and journalist Iraq Yes, for the prosecution of Omar al-Bashir is a lesson for the remaining systems of restrain Anis Kassim / expert of international law Many of the people in a state of perplexity and confusion between the issue of President Omar al-Bashir and to allocate it to the International Criminal Court, while they cannot prosecute Israeli and American war criminals. The opinion of the Euro-Arab Center for Studies
The resolution adopted by the International Criminal Court was possible to be an objective and realistic decision if the International Criminal Court had to deal with all the international files containing violations of human rights and genocide.
International public opinion questioned the Court`s role in the massacres committed by U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan in the right of innocent citizens, and questions about the role of the Court in the massacres committed by Israel in Lebanon and Gaza, which does not need for search and scrutiny because they are as clear as the sunshine.
Since the Court did not intervene did not make any opinion about the above-mentioned topics, therefore its role in Sudan was questionable about its role in Sudan and its neutrality and objectivity, especially that the facts that the Court relied upon for the trial of President Omar Hassan al-Bashir lacked many accuracy and facts
It is also strange that the United States seeks the Court to do its part very well against Sudanese President, while Washington refused so far to sign its acceptance of this court because it is afraid of the trial of soldiers who have committed a lot of irregularities.
Perhaps the closest point of view to the logic are those that think that the decision of the trial because of its economic background of the Sudanese President refused to give Americans and Europeans concessions for investment in the Darfur region rich in oil, water and uranium instead he gave these privileges for the Chinese companies which result of the court`s decision which can only be applied If the decision was supported by the UN Security Council and that is what the Arabs are now trying to avoid and prevent.