November 20, 2013
Do you think Geneva 2 will provide a solution to the Syrian crisis?

The Euro-Arab Center for Studies brings up in his electronic campus www.ceea.com from 4 to 11 / 11/ 2013 a debate about: “Do you think Geneva 2 will provide a solution to the Syrian crisis?

49 participants from different nationalities from the Arab world and the West, and who belong to various social strata Contributed to this dialogue. As a result of opinions showed that there are several points of view can be referred to it as follows:

1-30 participants or 61.2% do not think Geneva 2 will lead to a solution to the Syrian crisis, the conflict in their opinions on the Syrian issue is the main reason that the opposition did not participate in Geneva without any preconditions.

2-15 participants or 30.6% believe that the political solution is the true solution to the crisis in Syria, and that Geneva is a historic opportunity for both , the opposition and the regime after the military defeat on the ground.

4 participants or 8.1% believe that Geneva 2 is a political illusion exerted on the Syrian revolution.

The opinion of the Euro-Arab Center for Studies

After many international contacts, and after strong pressure on the parties concerned, the Syrian regime and the opposition decided to go to Geneva to seek the possibility of finding a political solution to the situation in Syria.

News revealed that the meeting is scheduled to take place in the second week of December next after it has been decided at an earlier date which was the last week of November.

Everyone is preparing to attend the Conference at the time battles remain across Syria without efforts for a cease-fire, which means that each party is trying to achieve as much as possible military gains politically  to negotiate on Geneva - 2.

It should be noted that the Syrian regime is heading to Geneva - 2 to persuade the opposition to participate to power but without affecting the president while the goal of the opposition is to proclaim the resignation of the regime and to hand over power for a transitional period.

 There is a big gap among all these points of view and it possible that everyone returns in vain.