November 21, 2013
Do you expect a compromise between Iran and the international community on its nuclear program?


The Euro-Arab Center for Studies brings up in his electronic campus www.ceea.com from 11 to 17 / 11/ 2013 a debate about: “

78 participants from different nationalities from the Arab world and the West, and who belong to various social strata Contributed to this dialogue. As a result of opinions showed that there are several points of view can be referred to it as follows:

50 participants or 64.1% expect a compromise between Iran and the international community over its nuclear program. They believe that the economic situation in Iran has been a catalyst to assign to the international community.

2-25 participants or 32.1% do not expect a compromise between Iran and the international community on its nuclear program.

3-3 participants or 3.8% believed that the fast wars in the area may hinder negotiations.


The opinion of the Euro-Arab Center for Studies:


Negotiations between Iran and the 5 +1 group which held their first round early November have led to a tentative agreement but France showed its opposition and established conditions for the enrichment of Iranian uranium.

This needs to include an agreement at a future date, which could lead to an agreement or perhaps the postponement to a later date to look for important points.

It is noteworthy herein that the agreement to be signed only includes the submission of Iranian nuclear facilities under the constant supervision of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and not to allow Iran to exceed the percentage of  20% of enrichment in exchange for the demolition of some of the sanctions imposed on the sale of spare parts for aircraft Iran and Iranian civilian vehicles and also release of Iranian money frozen in America, in addition to the lifting of sanctions on a part of Iranian oil sector.

This means that any agreement will cover only part of the complex issues between Iran and the international community as well as path of re-normalizing relations requires many negotiations that will take months to reach a solution for Iran, the West and regional and international issues as well.